Collecting smartphones & chargers for refugees in Europe

Every day, over a billion people around the world rely on their phones to stay connected. To lose your smartphone is to feel lost, disconnected and without information. For those hundreds of thousands fleeing war,  a smartphone can be a life line.

It’s a basic tool that means they can make a much needed call home. Access maps to find out where they are. Find information about what to do next, and what's going on in the world. A lot of the families and individuals coming to the refugee camps in Calais don’t have one. They’ve been lost, stolen or damaged on the way. 

Read: ‘The most crucial item that refugees carry is a smartphone’

This is a call to all London agencies and digital & tech companies to donate used or new smartphones and chargers. 
We are also looking for brands to partner with. In partnership with CalAid, and other organisations, we want to collect as many smartphones, chargers and SIMs from companies, brands and individuals in the industry and beyond.