How you can help

Donate smartphones

Donate any smartphones you have that are working and unlocked. Please erase data and please provide a working charger.

Whether you've got last years model sitting in your tech department, or if you want to donate new phones - 
every donation is meaningful.



SIM cards

We're also looking to get donations of SIM cards that are suitible for Europe - for example pay as you go SIM's from Lebara or 3


If you want to donate SIMs drop us an email and we'll give you more information.

When? Where? 

Post/Drop-off point

Refugee Phones, c/o Mr President 12 soho square, Ground floor, W1D 3QF London. 

Office open 9-5 weekdays.

Alternatively, please contact us to arrange a drop off/pick up.


CalAid's volunteers and organisations on the ground will distribute the phones to refugee families and individuals in need of one.